anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old - Franz Kafka

donderdag 7 juni 2012

zo werkt ons brein...

D323 M3D3D3L1NG L44T J3 213N T0T W3LK3 GR0T3 PR35T4T135 0N23 H3R53N5N 1N 5T44T 21JN. 1N H3T 83G1N W45 H3T 23K3R N0G M031L1JK D323 T3K5T T3 L323N, M44R NU K4N J3 H3T W44R5CH1JNL1JK 4L W4T 5N3LL3R L323N 20ND3R J3 3CHT 1N T3 5P4NN3N. D4T K0MT D00R H3T 3N0RM3 L33RV3RM0G3N V4N 0N23 H3R53N5. KN4P H3? D323 M3D3D3L1NG M4G J3 K0P13R3N 3N V3RD3R V3R5PR31D3N.